How will the admission test of Dhaka University under the new rules?

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After high school or equivalent examination, many students have the desire to study at the Dhaka University fulfill their dreams. This dream of 600 acres is to make a place of your own in the weaver’s garden. Every year thousands of students are added to this best school in the country through the admission test system. Following this, the students who have passed the Higher Secondary Examination in 2019 will have the opportunity to create their own place in Dhaka University. However, the rules of this year’s admission test will be much different than all other years.

In the admission test notice of 2016, it was said that from 2019, there will be many election questions as well as written questions. In other words, instead of taking exams based on multiple-choice questions, this time you have to answer written questions along with multiple-choice questions. How will the distribution of questions in this test? How will the time be divided for multiple-choice and written exams? Let us know all that information.

Value distribution of new admission test system:

Let us first know about the distribution of values. According to the previous rules, 120 marks would come directly from the admission test and the remaining 60 marks would come from the GPA obtained in the secondary and higher secondary or its equivalent examination. The new rules also have a total number of 200, but the number division has changed. Out of 200 marks, 100 marks will come from the GPA obtained in the secondary and higher secondary or its equivalent examination, and the remaining 100 marks will come from multiple choice and written tests in the admission test.

GPA obtained in secondary or equivalent examination will be multiplied by 7 and GPA obtained in higher secondary or equivalent examination will be multiplied by 12. If you get a GPA of 5.00 in Medium, then from here you will get 5 × 8 = 40 If you get GPA 5.00 in Higher Secondary, then you will get 5 × 12 = 60 marks. In this way you will get 40 + 60 = 100 marks by combining GPA of Secondary and Higher Secondary or its equivalent.

Original admission test and its distribution:

Now let’s look at the distribution of the value of the main test. In the examination of 100 marks, 60 marks will come from the answers of multiple choice questions and 40 marks will come from the answers of the written test questions. The multiple choice part of number 70 will have a total of questions and how many marks will be added for each correct answer and how many marks can be deducted for each wrong answer, the answer will be given after the publication of the admission test circular. At the same time, you will get the answer to the number of questions in the written test number 40 from the circular.

However, it is better to say here, there will be no questions that have to be answered in a big way in the written test. Questions that can be answered in short form will be asked there.

Time allocation:

In the case of time distribution, 1 hour 30 minutes has been kept as before. However, this time the test will be in two parts, so there are some differences in time. The time for multiple choice exams has been set at 40 minutes. In the space of 40 minutes of money, you will have to mark the number 70 in many elections. And 50 minutes is allotted for the written test.

There will be questions in the written part for all the short answers. Separate answer sheets will be provided for multiple choice and written examinations. Upon completion of an examination, his answer sheets will be collected and given questions and answer sheets for the next examination. However, it will be known after the publication of the full circular of the admission test whether it will be before the multiple selection test or before the written test.


Admission test will be held in 5 units like every time. Students of all science departments will take the test in A-unit. Students in the humanities department will take the test in B-unit and students in the business education department will take the test in C-unit. The d-unit is for division change. If you want to change your category, you can take the test in this unit. However, there are some policies for this that need to be looked at from the admission circular.

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