How to get a chance at IBA: Preparation for admission war

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Getting admitted to IBA is a dream for many, but how can you achieve that dream? There is no doubt that IBA’s BBA or MBA degree is one of the most prestigious degrees in the job market in Bangladesh. And of all the universities in Bangladesh that offer IBA degrees, Dhaka University‘s IBA is one of the top, and it’s hard to get here, but not impossible. If you keep in mind the basic concept as well as some tips and tricks, you can easily become one of the students in IBA. Then why is it late? Let’s not know how you can get a chance in IBA.

Admission test questions for BBA and MBA in IBA of Dhaka University are of the same style. So the preparation of both has to be taken in the same way. And since the question is more difficult in the case of Dhaka University, it should be targeted and prepared. 

DU IBA (Institute of Business Administration) started its journey in 1986. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) started much later, once a year IBA BBA batch admission. Earlier MBA (Master of Business Administration) batch was taken once a year , now it is taken twice. For example, the 59th batch is being taken in December 2017.

Ask some basic questions about IBA

It takes four years to do BBA in IBA . And,  MBA can be done as regular and part time, it takes two and three and a half years respectively . However, if you have already done some courses at BBA, you may get the opportunity not to do them, it will take less time. You can do BBA or MBA from any background.

The total cost of MBA is BDT87,000, which is variable; At the beginning of the admission, 48 thousand Taka was taken for the first year. There are 60 seats in MBA in July session. And 120 in December. Regular classes are held in July, i.e. in the morning, four days a week, five subjects. Part time can be taken in December session, regular can also be taken. You have to take part-time classes in the afternoon, in which case you are a job holder. In this case two or three subjects have to be taken. In case of MBA , CGPA of Undergrad should be kept above 2.5 .

The EMBA (Executive MBA) exam is very simple, but it requires three years of work experience.

IBA Admission Circular 2020-21

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