BD University Admission Tips( At a Glance!)

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We are human beings, so it is natural that there is no end to our desires according to our instincts. There is proverb goes in economics language , it is said, “The demand is unlimited where the resource is highly limited.”  And we are trying to figure out how easily, how fast and how much less resources we can spend on this limitless need. Success is inevitable if you try, everyone knows this motto.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with trying, so you can say why we do not succeed in spite of doing all the hard work. The reason is that we do not know the right way to suffer. One thing everyone needs to remember that . In order to be successful, you have to move in the right direction. Only then will success catch itself to you.

Do not move forward towards the goal, but move forward with the goal. But the goal must be set in advance and there must be a full desire to achieve it.

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

When a child is born, his family finds hope in him. A small child has many dreams. When he grows up, he will be a pilot, an engineer, a doctor, a scientist and many more. How many can there be? When his subconscious mind expands a little and learns to understand the reality, he realizes how much he is running. He then sets his goal and moves accordingly. And if the road he is going to take is the right one, then the goal is in his hands.

The biggest dream for an intermediate student and the only dream before I get a chance is to get admitted in a good public university. I have said before that our needs as human beings will not end. A BUET student would say it would be nice if I could get a scholarship to study abroad.

Someone in the ‘A’ unit of DU would think that it would be better to study at BUET. However, it is not unknown to anyone that you have to work a little harder to get a chance. If you work in the right way, then success will come. And the dream of the Department of Commerce and Arts is Dhaka University.

Now you can say that it is not easy to get a chance in varsity, but again you say that it is very easy to move in the right direction, then what is the path? Well if you are told that you have to go from your home to your college. I am sure there will be many roads but which of these will you take? Surely the road you travel on will reach you the fastest if you have less time. And if you are weak then surely you will go through the road that you can go easily. Now you have to decide which way to go.

But here are some tips to help:

* You don’t have to read too much, but read as much as you can.

* Study regularly, so you don’t have to take extra stress the next day. * Never put extra pressure on the brain.

* Keep an eye on everything.

* You have to keep in mind to read all the topics in HSC well. In admission but the question is asked from the original book so if you can prepare well for academic then you don’t have to think much about admission. In varsity, it is better to get an idea from the academic level as to which chapters or topics have more questions, and it is better to take advice from an older brother.

* You must H. S. C. You have to do well, because almost every varsity has a big score on the result.

* Do not lean more towards private reading and give more time to your own reading.

* You have to start studying seriously from now on by eliminating whatever you have done before.

* You don’t have to think about how many seats there are in a department, you have to think, ‘I am me.’ Have your confidence, if there are only one seat, that seat will be your’s ……………… ..

* No one can ever be considered weak. Everyone is your rival, it is not your job to look down on anyone. According to the elders, ‘only those who are worthy of life survive.’

* I am not biased as a science student, but if I don’t talk about them at all, I will become a criminal to myself.

If your target is engineering, then there is no doubt that BUET is the first goal. BUET Admission actually selects the best of the best but will never consider themselves unworthy of BUET. The best 9-10 thousand candidates can take the exam here, so you have to qualify for the exam first, then you have to apply the knowledge you have acquired in the admission test. The knowledge that you have qualified to take the test is enough to give you a chance.

In fact, you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If the target is medical then biology has to be mastered very well, not memorized like a donkey. However you study well, I wish you a bright future.

(Thanks everyone)

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